All fellows

Aas, Sean
»Global Injustice: Theory and Practice«
Afsahi, Afsoun
»Who constitutes legitimate demos? Settlers, migrants, and the indigenous populations«
Agostinho, Maria Deiviane
»Hope and Despair: A Theory of Language«
Allen, Amy R.
»The Force of Reason«
Amelung, Iwo
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Bertram Schefold)
Amighetti, Sara
»In Solidarity with Future Generations«
Ando, Clifford
»Tolerance in Ancient Rome«
Andresen, Sabine
»Violence in generational systems. Experiences, thematic approaches and processing«
Araujo, Luiz
»Political legitimacy, ethics of citizenship and the question of religion in the public sphere«
Ariel, Yaakov
»Finding Refuge in Christianity: Conversions and De-Conversions During and Following the Holocaust«
Arlen, Gordon
»Democracy and the Challenge of Oligarchy«
Asch, Ronald G.
»Sacred Kingship between Disenchantment and Re-enchantment. The French and the English Monarchies in the long 17th Century 1587/89‒1714/15«
Ashworth, Lucian
»Missing voices in the history of international thought. A critical re-evaluation of global thinking since 1880«
Balint, Peter
»Connecting Respect and Toleration. Liberal Principles for Diversity«
Ballangé, Aliénor
»The Past Future of European (Post-) Democracy«
Banai, Ayelet
»The Right of Self-Determination: An Egalitarian Account«
Bashkin, Orit
»A New Jew in an Arab Public Sphere – The Dreyfus Affair, global Anti-Semitism, and the Birth of the Arab intellectual«
Baynes, Kenneth
»Locating Discourse Morality or The Case for Moral Constructivism«
Beck, Hans
»Greek Federalism. The politics of ethnic integration«
Ben Johanan, Karma
»Israel ver(s)us Israel: Contemporary Zionist Theology and the Jewish-Christian Conflict«
Benhabib, Seyla
»Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law. On Legal Utopianism and Democratic Skepticism«
Bernstein, Carol L.
»Cultural Memory, Trauma, Performance«
Bernstein, Richard
»Recent Reflections on Violence«
Berry, David M.
»Critical Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Explainability«
Berve, Aljoscha
»Komplexität und Kontext – Moderne Theoriegestalten«
Bohman, James
»Normative Probleme komplexer politischer Systeme«
Borgards, Roland
»Cultural and Literary Animal Studies«
Boutayeb, Rachid
»Ethik der Nachbarschaft: Dialogische Beiträge zu Islam in der Moderne«
Brunhöber, Beatrice
»Das Recht der globalen Digitalität«
Buchanan, Allen E.
»The Social Ethics of Believing«
Buckinx, Barbara
»Reducing Domination in Global Politics«
Buntfuß, Markus
»Der Beitrag einer theologischen Religionsästhetik zu Analyse und Kritik religiöser Positionierungen in den religionskulturellen Konflikten und Debatten der Gegenwart«
Burchard, Christoph
»Die normative Ordnung künstlicher Intelligenz«
Chajes, Julie
»Madame Blavatsky’s Theories of Rebirth. A Window into Nineteenth Century Cultural History«
Chajes, J. H. (Yossi)
»The Earthly Journeys of Cosmic Maps. A Visual History of Early Modern Kabbalah«
Chandhoke, Neera
»What is the Relationship between Democracy and Political Violence? The Context of India«
Chennoufi, Ali-Ridha
»Les changements politiques en Afrique du Nord : Tunisie, Libye et Maroc«
Christensen, Michael J.
»Practices of Promoting Democratic Media: Paradoxes of Legitimacy and Institution Building in the Disinformation Era«
Christiano, Thomas
»Fairness and Legitimacy in International Law-Making«
Clark, Christopher
»How Europe went to War in 1914«
Classmann, Stephanie
»Criminal Law as Modus Vivendi – A Realist Rebuttal to Liberal Theories of Criminalisation«
Cooper, Julie E.
»Politics Without Sovereignty? Exile, State, and Territory in Jewish Thought«
Corni, Gustavo
»Der italienische Faschismus und der Traum von einem neuen Imperium«
Costello, Diarmuid
»Art after Aesthetics? A Critique of Theories of Art after Modernism«
Crocker, Thomas
»Overcoming Necessity: Emergency, Constraint, and Constitutional Commitment«
Crocker, Holly A.
»The Reformation of Feminine Virtue from Chaucer to Shakespeare«
Dalferth, Ingolf
»Deus praesens: Gott und Gegenwart in der philosophischen Theologie«
de Jongh, Maurits
»The Primacy of Public Goods«
Destri, Chiara
»Democracy for Devils: Political Obligation between Democratic Citizenship and Partisanship«
Dimitriu, Cristian
»Ethics of International Lending and International Trade«
Dingel, Irene
»Von der Disputation zum Gespräch. Strategien zur Überwindung von Religionsdissens«
Drossbach, Gisela
»Entwicklung des Kirchenrechts im 12. und 13. Jahrhundert«
Dubber, Markus
»Legal Science as a Global Discipline«
Ebert, Cornelia
»Visual communication«
Espíndola, Juan
»Peace-building and Paternalism«
Fahrmeir, Andreas
»Partikulare Umsetzungen normativer Wirtschaftsordnungen im 19. Jahrhundert«
Faroldi, Federico
»Nature and Normativity«
Fehige, Yiftach
»One versus The Many? On Scientific Monism and Religious Pluralism«
Fisch, Menachem
»The Dialogical Project of Judaism's Formative Canon: Re-defining Rational Theology«
Fisch, Menachem
Forum for the Study of Interreligious Dynamics at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften (with Christian Wiese)
Flikschuh, Katrin Anna
»Kant Contra Cosmopolitanism: Assessing the Global Justice Debate«
Fraser, Nancy
»Crisis, Critique, Capitalism: Re-reading Marx, Polanyi, and Habermas in the 21st Century«
Frei, Norbert
»Niemand will Nazi gewesen sein. Die Nachgeschichte des Dritten Reiches« (Nobody wants to have been a Nazi. The Aftermath of the Third Reich)
Freyenhagen, Fabian
»How (not) to do political philosophy: on ideal theory«
Friebel, Guido
»Household bargaining, gender norms, and careers in organizations« (mit Daniela Grunow)
Früchtl, Josef
»Democracy of Emotions. On the Use of Aesthetic Culture for the Political«
Geier, Thomas
»Die Pädagogik der Gülen-Bewegung«
Gibbs, Robert
»Commentary as Science?«
Gledhill, James
»Political Autonomy in Practice«
Goff, Sarah C.
»The Limited Capacities of States: Implications for Issues in International Ethics«
Goldshmidt, Roee Yakov
»Shaping a New Narrative: Orality and Literacy in the Making of Books«
Greenberg, Yudit Kornberg
»Dharma and Halacha: Contemporary Jewish-Hindu Interreligious Encounters«
Greetis, Andrew
»The Theory of Justice of John Rawls«
Grunow, Daniela
»Reconfigurations of Internalized Social Structure«
Gurchiani, Ketevan
»Formen friedlicher Koexistenz in multiethnischen und multireligiösen Ortschaften Georgiens«
Häggrot, Marcus Carlsen
»Territorial Represenation, Public Reason, And Cultural Justice«
Hassoun, Nicole
»Global Health and Global Justice«
Heins, Volker
»›We need thicker skins‹: Tolerance in fractured societies«
Heller, Christian
»Internet-Meme and techiniques of the digital self«
Hendrix, Scott H.
»Luther 1517−2017«
Hinsch, Wilfried
»A brief History of Justice«, »Human Rights as Moral Claim-Rights«
Hondo, Amy
»Untying Knots: History, Injustice, and Political Responsibility«
Huber, Jakob
»Side by Side: On the Politics of Territorial Presence«
Inam, Rida
»A Study of Religion and Media – Muslim Adolescence in Post-Secular Germany«
Isiksel, Turkuler
»Europe's Functional Constitution. A Theory of Constitutionalism Beyond the State«
Jose, Betcy
»Russia as a Norm Contester and Norm Entrepreneur«
Jubb, Robert
»Tragic Choices: Responding to Injustice«
Jurkowlaniec, Grażyna
»Das illustrierte Buch im 16. Jahrhundert: getrennte und gemeinsame Wege der christlichen Ikonographie nach der Reformation«
Kahn, Elizabeth
»Idealisation, Imagination and Community as the Primary Agent of Justice«
Kaiafa-Gbandi, Maria
»Artificial intelligence as a challenge for Criminal Law: in search of a new model of criminal liability?«
Kamm, Frances
»Harm to Others«
Kaufmann, Thomas
»Die Reformation des Buchdrucks - der Buchdruck der Reformation«
Klarenbeek, Lea
»Relational Integration: membership, relational equality, and responsibility«
Kleinfeld, Joshua
»Embodied Ethical Life and Criminal Law«
Kratochwil, Friedrich
»Praxis: On Acting and Knowing«
Lamba, Rinku
»Religion and Persuasion. An Analysis of Bhakti«
Lechterman, Theodore M.
»Donors’ Democracy: Private Philanthropy And Political Morality«
Leipold, Bruno
»Constitutionalizing Popular Democracy«
Leveringhaus, Alexander
»Liberal Interventionism: Philosophical Perspectives«
Leyva, Gustavo
»Jürgen Habermas: Vernunft, Kommunikation und Emanzipation. Versuch einer Rekonstruktion und Kritik«
Lichterman, Paul Roger
»Repositioned religion and transformations of political belonging in the U.S.«
List, Christian
»Why Free Will is Real«
Lu, Catherine
»Justice and Reconciliation after War«
Luh, Jing-Jong
»Positionalität und Alterität. Systemische Hermeneutik als Grundlage des interreligiösen und interkulturell-philosophischen Dialogs«
Macdonald, Terry
»Global Justice and Legitimacy«
Macdonald, Iain
»Future Possibility: Figures of Possibility in Hegel, Adorno, and Heidegger«
Madureira, Miriam
»›Was ein Subjekt ist, ist die Reihe seiner Handlungen‹: Handlung, Intersubjektivität und der performative Charakter der subjektiven Identität bei Hegel«
Mahadevan, Kanchana
»The Secular and the Post-secular: Gendered Inscriptions, Indo-European Contexts«
Mantel, Susanne
»Duties towards Refugees and the Demands of Global Justice«
Marin, Mara
»Oppression and Obligations of Commitment«
Mason, Andrew
»Appearance, Charm and Injustice«
McGeer, Victoria
»Making responsible. An Ethics for Co-reactive Minds«
McKeown, Maeve
»Should Europe pay reparations to the Caribbean for historic slavery?«
McMahan, Jeff
»Ethics of War«
Meccarelli, Massimo
»The Spatiality of the Law in the Second Scholastic Thought«
Melissaris, Emmanuel
»A Post-metaphysical Theory of Criminal Law«
Mendieta, Eduardo
»Enlightened Religion: Jürgen Habermas’s Philosophy of Religion«
Milstein, Brian
»Crisis Consciousness, Political Community, and Transnational Justice«
Moellendorf, Darrel
»Climate Change and Justice«
Müller, Samuel F.
»Religion in Modern Societies as Challenge to Critical Theory«
Nascimento, Amos
»Von regionalen Gemeinschaften zu globalen Menschenrechtsdiskursen: Kosmopolitanismus in Europa und Lateinamerika«
Niesen, Peter
»The Normative Foundations of Transnational Citizenship. Border-Crossing Political Communication«
Niewöhner, Philipp
»Die Christianisierung Kleinasiens. Aspekte der materiellen Kultur: Kreuze, Heiligenbilder und Ikonoklasmus«/»Antikes Christentum in Bad Homburg: die Erlöserkirche und ihre Ausstattung im byzant. Stil«
Nikulin, Dmitri
»Responsibility and Hope«
Norris, Andrew
»Ordinary Language and Second Nature: Returning to Ourselves in Hegel and Cavell«
Nullmeier, Frank
»Legitimacy and Social Justice. Valuing Political and Economic Orders«
Nuti, Alasia
»Temporary labour migration and structural injustice«
Okeja, Uchenna
»The Public Sphere in African Politcal Thought«
Owen, David
»The Normative Foundations of Transnational Citizenship. The Case of Voting Rights«
Passig, Kathrin
»Functions of digital multiple identities«
Peled, Yael
»Language as a Complex System: Its Sociocultural Basis and Ethical and Policy Challenges«
Pettit, Philip
»The Birth of Ethics«
Prandini, Riccardo
»Civil constitution and normative orders«
Ptaszynski, Maciej
»Politische Argumentation in katholischen Predigten des 16/17 Jahrhunderts«
Purvis, Zachary
»›Geist‹ and ›Geschichte‹: Theology and Wissenschaft in Nineteenth-Century Europe«
Püschel, Flavia Portella
Discourse Theory and the Communicative Function of Civil Liability
Queralt Lange, Jahel
»Entrepreneurial Rights and Global Justice«
Raffnsøe-Møller, Morten
»Spheres of (Social) Solidarity«
Rahden, Till van
»The Blessings of Complexity. On Democratic Forms as Elusive Objects«
Rando, Daniela
»Bedeutung der Konzilien am Ende des 15. Jahrhunderts«
Reath, Andrews
»Autonomy as Sovereignty«, »A Formal Approach to Kant's Formula of Humanity«
Reddy, Sanjay G.
»The Predicament of Economics«
Reinhardt, Nicole
»The re-invention of confession in the confessional age and beyond«
Rezaei, Mohammad
»Orthodox subject positions in crisis: New religious intellectualism and alternative femininity in post-revolutionary Iran«
Ritter, Jim
»Algorithmic knowledge in Egypt and Mesopotamia« (in collaboration with Annette Imhausen)
Ronzoni, Miriam
»Feminist ethics and philosophy of language«
Roos, Julia
»German Racial Regimes in a Transnational Context: An Afro-German Microhistory«
Rosen, Michael
»History and Freedom in German Idealism«
Rosenthal, Michael
»Spinoza’s Prism: Five Arguments for Religious Toleration in the Modern World«
Sabia, Rossella
»Compliance and New Technologies. AI Software as Tools to Prevent Corporate Crimes«
Sadr, Shadi
»Iranian Women’s Movement. Challenges and Opportunities«
Saviello, Alberto
»Ausstellungen religiöser Objekte als Formen religiöser Positionierung. Das Missionsmuseum Steyl«
Schefold, Bertram
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Iwo Amelung)
Schemmel, Christian
»Egalitarianism and the Economic Liberties«
Scherz, Antoinette
»International Legitimacy: Concept and Standards«
Scheuerman, William E.
»Civil Disobedience in the Postnational Constellation«
Schmalz-Bruns, Rainer
»Beyond Democratic Legitimacy?«
Schmidt, Thomas
»Religion in der pluralistischen Öffentlichkeit. Zur religionsphilosophischen Kontroverse im Anschluss an John Rawls‘ Politischen Liberalismus«
Schmidt, Reinhard H.
»Genossenschaften und Sparkassen als Vorbilder moderner Mikrofinanzkonzepte?«
Schorn-Schütte, Luise
»Die Geschichtlichkeit politischer Normen. Grundzüge einer politica christiana im Europa des 16./17. Jahrhunderts«
Schwartz, Yossef
»Found(ed) in Translation: The Multilingual and Interreligious Dimensions of Medieval Intellectualism«
Seibel, Hans Dieter
»Genossenschaften und Sparkassen als Vorbilder moderner Mikrofinanzkonzepte?«
Seubert, Sandra
»From Protection to Empowerment: Perspectives of European Citizenship«
Shea, Charles Michael
»Catholic Apologetics in an Age of Revolution. Faith, Reason, and Authority in the Thought of Giovanni Perrone S.J.«
Sleeper, James
»›Civic-republican‹ leadership training in American Colleges«
Song, Jiewuh
»The Justifiability of International Law«
Stahnisch, Frank W.
»Great minds in despair ‒ the forced migration of German-speaking neuroscientists to North America, 1933‒1963«
Stark, Cynthia
»Dworkin and Rawls on the Benchmark of Equality«
Statman, Daniel
»A Contractarian Defense of Just War Theory«
Steilen, Felix
»A Conceptual History of Social Complexity in Modern Social and Political Thought«
Steiner, Hillel
»The Just Price«
Straehle, Christine
»Vulnerability and Global Justice«
Stuchtey, Benedikt
»Die europäische Expansion und ihre Objekte. Materielle Kultur in der Geschichte des Kolonialismus«
Talbott, William
»Complexity in Scientific Reasoning«
Taylor, Isaac
»Ethics of Counter-Terrorism«
Thomes, Paul
»Genossenschaften und Sparkassen als Vorbilder moderner Mikrofinanzkonzepte?«
Tomalty, Jesse Anne
»Remedial Responsibility and Global Justice«
Tomlin, Patrick
»Proportionate War«
Trejo-Mathys (1979‒2014), Jonathan
»Inheritance, Sovereignty and Promise. Towards a Critical Democratic Theory of Transnational Politics«
Ulaş, Luke
»Cosmopolitanism and global solidarity«
Ünsal, Hadiye
»Difference of Language and Style in the Verses Related to ahl al-kitāb (Jews and Christians) within the Frame of makkī and madanī«
Valentini, Laura
»Morality and Social Construction«
van der Vossen, Bas
»Independence and the Economic Liberties«
Verovšek, Peter
»The Role of Memory within European Integration«
Vian, Giovanni
»Antimodernism under Pope Pius X. The ›Encyclical Rascendi‹ of 1907«
Viehoff, Juri
»Background Justice between States: Global Institutional Design to Foster Sovereign Statehood«
Vincent, Alana
»Religious Positioning, Worldbuilding, and the Political Imagination«
von Friedeburg, Robert
»Luther’s Legacy: The Thirty Years War and the modern notion of ‚State‘ in the Empire, 1530s – 1790s«
von Hirschhausen, Ulrike
»Empires – Die Krise der Vielfalt im 19. Jahrhundert«
Vries, Peer
»Japan and the Great Divergence«
Waligore, Timothy
»Contextual Cosmopolitanism in Non-ideal Circumstances«
Wallrabenstein, Astrid
»Migration and Equity in the Social Welfare State«
Watkins, Eric
»Autonomy and the Legislation of Laws in the Prolegomena«
Weber, Heloise
»Human Rights and Global Development: A Critical Inquiry«
Weber, Martin
»Normative Grammars in International Political Theory«
Welz, Claudia
»Religious Re-Orientation and Conflict Resolution«
Wiese, Christian
»Mutual Perceptions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Cultural Interactions, Religious-Political Conflicts and Rapprochement in Dialogue«
Williams, Melissa S.
»Democracy's Global Future: A Systemic View«
Wolkenstein, Fabio
»On Transnational Partisanship«
Yıldırım, Mine
»Modernity Through the Lens of Urban Animals: Multiple logics and dynamics of stray animal confinement, distancing and extermination in the early twentieth century Istanbul«
Yong, Caleb
»Human Rights and the Legitimacy of Immigration Law: A Proposal to Restructure the International Refugee Regime«
Zaretsky, Eli
»The General Crisis of the Twentieth Century«