Das Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Veranstaltungen

Donnerstag, 30.11.2017, 11:00 Uhr
Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften, »Großer Salon«

Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften
Fellow Kolloquium

Sanjay Reddy (New York)
»Economics and Society: Between Cynicism and Utopia«

Sanjay Reddy is Associate Professor of Economics at The New School for Social Research in New York. In November/December 2017 he is, on the invitation of professor Rainer Forst and the research centre »Justitia Amplificata«, a Fellow at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften.

Please register in advance (before Tuesday, November 28 )
Beate Sutterluety (b.sutterluety@forschungskolleg-humanwissenschaften.de)

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