Hadiye Ünsal

Lecturer in Faculty of Religious Studies, Ankara Sosyal Bilimler (Social Science) University (Turkey)

Resident at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
October–December 2018

Research topic at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Difference of Language and Style in the Verses Related to ahl al-kitāb (Jews and Christians) within the Frame of makkī and madanī«

Project outline:
My project includes language and style difference in the Qur’anic verses related to Jews and Christians (Ahl al-Kitab) within the frame of Makkî and Madanî. The revelation of the Qur’an lasted for approximately twenty-three years; the first thirteen years in Meccah and the remaining ten years in Medinah. The chapters (surahs) that were revealed during these periods presented under the titles Makkî (Meccan) and Madanî (Madinan).

Language and style has a difference in parallel with the behavior of the interlocutors in the Qur’an. In the early periods there is not a hard style for Ahl al-Kitab. Moreover Ahl al-Kitab seen as a supporter against the polytheists in the Meccan period. For example Prophet Muhammad received support from Ahl al-Kitab against to the polytheists in surah an-Nahl 16/43. But language and style in the verses related to Ahl al-Kitab significantly changed in the Madanî period. This change depends on parallel with the tension of relations between muslims, polytheists and Ahl al Kitab. (Hadiye Ünsal)

Research partner:
Hadiye Ünsal follows an invitation of Armina Omerika (junior professor for the history of ideas in Islam), Ömer Öszoy (Professor of Quran exegesis at Frankfurt University) and the University's research center »Religiöse Positionierung. Modalitäten und Konstellationen in jüdischen, christlichen und islamischen Kontexten« (»Religious Positioning: Modalities and Constellations in Jewish, Christian and Islamic Contexts«).

Scholarly profile of Hadiye Ünsal

Hadiye Ünsal is a lecturer in theology at Ankara Sosyal Bilimler (Social Science) Universität in Turkey. In her doctoral thesis she dealt with the problem of the chronology of early meccan revelations. At present, she is concerned with various statements in the Koran about Jews and Christians which find themselves scattered throughout the Koranic text and generate divergent to contradictory positions.

Please find more information about Hadiye Ünsal here.

Main areas of research:
Theology; Chronology of the Qur’an; Qur’anic Comments in the Modern Period; Methodology of Exegesis; History of the Qur’an.

Selected publications:
  1. »On The Revelation Circumstances and General Emphases of Sûrat al-Ahzâb: An Analysis within the Scope of Textual and Non-Textual Context«, in: Ilahiyat Studies, Vol.7, Nr.1, 2016.
  2. »The Emphasis of Rab and Rubûbiyyah in the Early Meccan Passages«, in: Genese, Exegese und Hermeneutik der Islamischen Quellen, Eb Verlag, Berlin 2018 (in the publication phase).
  3. Tefsirde Heterodoksi: Kâdiyânîlik ve Kur’an, Ankara Okulu Yayınları, Ankara 2011.
  4. Erken Dönem Mekkî Surelerin Tahlili, Ankara Okulu Yayınları, Ankara 2016.
  5. (with Mustafa Öztürk) »Nüzul Tertibi«, in: Kur’an Tarihi, Ankara Okulu Yayınları, Ankara 2016.
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