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Wednesday, 02 June 2021, 18:00-19:00
Venue:Zoom meeting

Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften of Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Online Lecture

Claudius Gros (Goethe University)
»Envy Destabilizes Ideal Societies«

About the speaker
Prof. Dr. Claudius Gros is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Goethe University and conducts research in particular on complex and complex adaptive systems..

About the talk (in English)
An overview over my research regarding complex and dynamical systems will be given. In the first part, the notion of envy is presented in a game-theoretical setting. It will be shown that a self-organized transition to a class stratified state emerges spontaneously in societies disposing of three elements: choice, competition and envy, where the later denotes the desire to compare one's own success with that of others. Subsequently, the concept of complexity barriers is discussed, beside other. Collecting the low hanging fruits first, scientific progress is slowed down afterwards by exponentially increasing complexities. An example is the slow but steady rise (2.4 years per decade) of the maximum life expectancy over the last 150 years. Linear progress could be maintained only through recurring major breakthroughs in research and development.

About the reserach context
The research group Coping with Complexity is a transdisciplinary group of researchers that emerged from the »Complexity focus« of the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften. The group is composed of Goethe University researchers from the life and natural sciences as well as the humanities and social sciences.
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