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Thursday, 10 June 2021, 11:00
Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften, Am Wingertsberg 4, 61348 Bad Homburg

Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften of Goethe University
Fellow colloquium

Guido Friebel (Goethe Fellow)
»Knowledge Teams, Careers, and Gender«

The main reason for a gender wage gap in high-skilled work is a gap in promotions. We use rich data on personnel records, work assignments, and performance from a financial institution to uncover the mechanisms that lead to promotion gaps in knowledge work. Bankers are highly educated; at entry in the internal labor market, more than 50% are women. We find a substantial promotion gap for women, which emerges early in their careers. Bankers work in multiple project teams concurrently and take on team leadership roles occasionally. Analyzing over 10,000 investment projects, we find that assignments to the job of team leader, which provide visibility to the upper echelons of the organization, are crucial for careers. Assignments to these jobs are carried out by supervisors and favors men.

The speaker
Guido Friebel is Professor of Human Resource Management at Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. After completing his studies of economics in Bielefeld, and his Ph.D. at the Université Libre de Bruxelles he held positions at the Stockholm School of Economics and at the EHESS in Toulouse. Friebel's fields of research are personnel management and organizational design, migration, family and career.
From 2019 to 2023 he is a Goethe fellow at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften.

Participation and registration
Closed online event. Please register in advance. Contact: Beate Sutterlüty (

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