From Political Philosphy into Bioethics
Sean Aas becomes a fellow at the world's largest research-hospital

During his year as a post-doc fellow with the DFG-research group »Justitia Amplificata«, Sean Aas mainly worked on question concerning justice and injustice. Crowned by the conference »Relational Injustice: Social and Global«, organized by himself and other fellows at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Bad Homburg, Aas has been working on his approach to moral issues as one based on ethics of conscience and individual ethics. He will continue this work as a fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland (USA).

The NIH are affiliated to the US state Department of Health and are sustaining a variety of institutes besides the giant research hospital. The »Department of Clinical Bioethics« here tkas the role of an ethical advisory board, counselling all biomedical areas. Grown out of only one workplace, the Department today has more than twenty medical doctors, professors of philosophy and law as well as pre- and postdoc fellows.

(FKH - 26.07.2013)