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Barbara Buckinx, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Resident at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities:
September 2010−August 2012

Research topic at the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities:
»Reducing Domination in Global Politics«

Project outline:
My research interests lie in international political theory and civic republicanism. My book manuscript, Reducing Domination in Global Politics, articulates a republican approach to global governance that is centered on the problem of the unrestrained and even potential exercise of power. The dominant cosmopolitan democratic approach has not made power a central normative concern, and I address this oversight by proposing non-domination, rather than autonomy or self-determination, as the standard by which we ought to judge interactions among global actors and between global and domestic actors. Against other republican scholars, I argue that the state cannot be relied upon to reduce the vulnerability of individuals to global domination. Instead, I propose that global institutions undertake this task, and I consider the method by which they ought to do so.

In 2010/11 Barbara Buckinx' stay at the Institute is sponsored by the research group»Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice − Applied and Global«.
On the invitation of Rainer Forst (Goethe University), her stay in 2011/12 is sponsored by the Alfons und Gertrud Kassel-Stiftung.

Scholarly profile of Barbara Buckinx

Barbara Buckinx received her PhD in Politics from Princeton University in 2010. From 2008 to 2010, she was affiliated with the Political Theory Project at Brown University. At Princeton, she was a Graduate Prize Fellow in the University Center for Human Values and a Quin Morton Fellow in the Writing Program.

Main areas of research:
International Political Theory and International Ethics, in particular global governance, citizenship, global distributive justice, environmental ethics, and theories of human rights; International Public Law; Democratic Theory

Selected publications:
»Global Actors and Public Power. The Public-Private Distinction in Global Governance«, in: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (forthcoming in 2012).
»Metics«, in: M.T. Gibbons (Hg.), Encyclopedia of Political Thought, Chichester, West Sussex: Wiley-Blackwell (forthcoming in 2012).
»Domination in Global Politics. Reflections on freedom and an argument for incremental global change«, in: L. Cabrera (ed.), Global Governance / Global Government. Institutional visions for an evolving world system, Albany: SUNY Press 2011, p. 253-282.
Review of Richard W. Miller, »Globalizing Justice: The Ethics of Poverty and Power«, in: Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric, v. 4 (2011), p. 77-82.
Review of James Bohman, »Democracy across Borders: From Dêmos to Dêmoi«, in: Ethics & International Affairs, v. 23,1 (2009), p. 73-75.
»From Jessica Lynch to the Immigrant. Heroes for a democratic age«, in: Friederike Fast (ed.), (my private) Heroes, Bielefeld: Kerber 2005, p. 150-155.
»Deliberation and Power. When to participate and when to withdraw«, in: Y.A. Stivachtis (ed.), International Governance and International Security. Issues and perspectives, Athen 2004, p. 81-94.

Work in progress:
»Non-Domination as a Global Political Ideal« (Revise & Resubmit, The Journal of Politics).
»The Free Citizen: An Argument for Extending Citizenship Status to Long-Term Residents«.
»The DREAM Act and Claims to Citizenship« (co-authored with A. Filindra).
» ›Statist‹ Global Governance: Global Institutions in the Service of the State«.
Domination Across Borders, co-edited with J. Trejo-Mathys and T. Waligore, with contributions from J. Bohman, H. Brunkhorst, R. Forst, S. Gosepath, D. Ivison, C. Lu, T. Macdonald, T. McCarthy, J. McCormick, C. Mills, and P. Pettit.
Reducing Domination in Global Politics: A Republican Approach to Global Governance, manuscript.

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