Das Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2010

Allen, Amy R.
»The Force of Reason«
Asch, Ronald G.
»Sacred Kingship between Disenchantment and Re-enchantment. The French and the English Monarchies in the long 17th Century 1587/89‒1714/15«
Balint, Peter
»Connecting Respect and Toleration. Liberal Principles for Diversity«
Baynes, Kenneth
»Locating Discourse Morality or The Case for Moral Constructivism«
Beck, Hans
»Greek Federalism. The politics of ethnic integration«
Benhabib, Seyla
»Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law. On Legal Utopianism and Democratic Skepticism«
Bohman, James
»Normative Probleme komplexer politischer Systeme«
Buckinx, Barbara
»Reducing Domination in Global Politics«
Freyenhagen, Fabian
»How (not) to do political philosophy: on ideal theory«
Moellendorf, Darrel
»Klimawandel und Gerechtigkeit«
Niesen, Peter
»The Normative Foundations of Transnational Citizenship. Border-Crossing Political Communication«
Owen, David
»The Normative Foundations of Transnational Citizenship. The Case of Voting Rights«
Rahden, Till van
»The Blessings of Complexity. On Democratic Forms as Elusive Objects«
Sadr, Shadi
»Iranian Women’s Movement. Challenges and Opportunities«
Schorn-Schütte, Luise
»Die Geschichtlichkeit politischer Normen. Grundzüge einer politica christiana im Europa des 16./17. Jahrhunderts«
Steiner, Hillel
»The Just Price«
Trejo-Mathys (1979‒2014), Jonathan
»Inheritance, Sovereignty and Promise. Towards a Critical Democratic Theory of Transnational Politics«
Waligore, Timothy
»Contextual Cosmopolitanism in Non-ideal Circumstances«