Hillel Steiner

Professor für Politische Philosophie, University of Manchester

Aufenthalt am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
November 2010, April 2011, Oktober 2011

Forschungsthema am Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»The Just Price«

This project develops from my previous work on exploitation. It argues that the injustice of a market price is best understood as being due to prior curtailments of individuals’ rightful freedoms: that is, claims of unjust pricing are most coherently based upon counterfactual judgements concerning the price that would have been established had certain freedoms – of either the exploitee or some third party – not previously been curtailed. In the absence of those freedom-curtailing actions or policies, the maximum amount bid for whatever is being sold would be higher than it actually is. The model of just prices thereby deployed further implies fairly precise limitations on what can count as a just outcome of a bargaining process. (Hillel Steiner)

Förderung des Aufenthaltes:
DFG-Kollegforschergruppe »Justitia Amplificata. Rethinking Justice − Applied and Global«

Wissenschaftliches Profil von Hillel Steiner

Zeitgenössische philosophische Arbeit an den Begriffen Freiheit, Recht und soziale Gerechtigkeit

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Hillel Steiner ist Mitglied der Redaktionsleitung folgender akademischer Periodika:
rnEthics, Social Philosophy & Policy, International Theory, Critical Review of International Social & Political Reviewrnrn
Mitgliedschaft in folgenden akademischen Vereinigungen:
rnFellow der British Academy (gewählt 1999)rnMitglied der American Philosophical Association, Aristotelian Society, Association for Legal and Social Philosophy, European Society for the History of Economic Thought, Political Studies Association, Society for Applied Philosophy und der September-Group