The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2020

Amelung, Iwo
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Bertram Schefold)
Andresen, Sabine
»Violence in generational systems. Experiences, thematic approaches and processing«
Arlen, Gordon
»Democracy and the Challenge of Oligarchy«
Ballangé, Aliénor
»The Past Future of European (Post-) Democracy«
Borgards, Roland
»Cultural and Literary Animal Studies«
Brunhöber, Beatrice
»Das Recht der globalen Digitalität«
Burchard, Christoph
»Die normative Ordnung künstlicher Intelligenz«
Classmann, Stephanie
»Criminal Law as Modus Vivendi – A Realist Rebuttal to Liberal Theories of Criminalisation«
Cooper, Julie E.
»Politics Without Sovereignty? Exile, State, and Territory in Jewish Thought«
de Jongh, Maurits
»The Primacy of Public Goods«
Ebert, Cornelia
»Visual communication«
Fisch, Menachem
Forum for the Study of Interreligious Dynamics at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften (with Christian Wiese)
Grunow, Daniela
»Reconfigurations of Internalized Social Structure«
Heins, Volker
»›We need thicker skins‹: Tolerance in fractured societies«
Klarenbeek, Lea Maria
»Relational Integration: membership, relational equality, and responsibility«
Leyva, Gustavo
»Jürgen Habermas: Vernunft, Kommunikation und Emanzipation. Versuch einer Rekonstruktion und Kritik«
Madureira, Miriam
»›Was ein Subjekt ist, ist die Reihe seiner Handlungen‹: Handlung, Intersubjektivität und der performative Charakter der subjektiven Identität bei Hegel«
Mantel, Susanne
»Duties towards Refugees and the Demands of Global Justice«
Mendieta, Eduardo
»Enlightened Religion: Jürgen Habermas’s Philosophy of Religion«
Saviello, Alberto
»Ausstellungen religiöser Objekte als Formen religiöser Positionierung. Das Missionsmuseum Steyl«
Schefold, Bertram
»Chinese and European History of Economic Thought in Comparison« (together with Iwo Amelung)
Schwartz, Yossef
»Found(ed) in Translation: The Multilingual and Interreligious Dimensions of Medieval Intellectualism«
Seubert, Sandra
»From Protection to Empowerment: Perspectives of European Citizenship«
Steilen, Felix
»A Conceptual History of Social Complexity in Modern Social and Political Thought«
Wallrabenstein, Astrid
»Migration and Equity in the Social Welfare State«
Welz, Claudia
»Religious Re-Orientation and Conflict Resolution«
Whitfield, Gregory J.
»On the Concept of Political Manipulation«
Wiese, Christian
»Mutual Perceptions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Cultural Interactions, Religious-Political Conflicts and Rapprochement in Dialogue«