The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2015

Ando, Clifford
»Tolerance in Ancient Rome«
Dubber, Markus
»Legal Science as a Global Discipline«
Greetis, Andrew
»The Theory of Justice of John Rawls«
Isiksel, Turkuler
»Europe's Functional Constitution. A Theory of Constitutionalism Beyond the State«
Kratochwil, Friedrich
»Praxis: On Acting and Knowing«
McKeown, Maeve
»Should Europe pay reparations to the Caribbean for historic slavery?«
Melissaris, Emmanuel
»A Post-metaphysical Theory of Criminal Law«
Milstein, Brian
»Crisis Consciousness, Political Community, and Transnational Justice«
Nascimento, Amos
»Von regionalen Gemeinschaften zu globalen Menschenrechtsdiskursen: Kosmopolitanismus in Europa und Lateinamerika«
Nikulin, Dmitri
»Responsibility and Hope«
Nuti, Alasia
»Temporary labour migration and structural injustice«
Rahden, Till van
»The Blessings of Complexity. On Democratic Forms as Elusive Objects«
Rosen, Michael
»History and Freedom in German Idealism«
Scherz, Antoinette
»International Legitimacy: Concept and Standards«
Shea, Charles Michael
»Catholic Apologetics in an Age of Revolution. Faith, Reason, and Authority in the Thought of Giovanni Perrone S.J.«
Taylor, Isaac
»Ethics of Counter-Terrorism«
Ulaş, Luke
»Cosmopolitanism and global solidarity«
Williams, Melissa S.
»Democracy's Global Future: A Systemic View«