The Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften: Fellows 2014

Banai, Ayelet
»The Right of Self-Determination: An Egalitarian Account«
Benhabib, Seyla
»Democratic Sovereignty and Transnational Law. On Legal Utopianism and Democratic Skepticism«
Clark, Christopher
»How Europe went to War in 1914«
Corni, Gustavo
»Der italienische Faschismus und der Traum von einem neuen Imperium«
Drossbach, Gisela
»Entwicklung des Kirchenrechts im 12. und 13. Jahrhundert«
Dubber, Markus
»Legal Science as a Global Discipline«
Hassoun, Nicole
»Global Health and Global Justice«
Kahn, Elizabeth
»Idealisation, Imagination and Community as the Primary Agent of Justice«
Lu, Catherine
»Justice and Reconciliation after War«
McKeown, Maeve
»Should Europe pay reparations to the Caribbean for historic slavery?«
Müller, Samuel F.
»Religion in Modern Societies as Challenge to Critical Theory«
Norris, Andrew
»Ordinary Language and Second Nature: Returning to Ourselves in Hegel and Cavell«
Queralt Lange, Jahel
»Entrepreneurial Rights and Global Justice«
Rahden, Till van
»The Blessings of Complexity. On Democratic Forms as Elusive Objects«
Ronzoni, Miriam
»Feminist ethics and philosophy of language«
Rosenthal, Michael A.
»The Shadow of Reason: Spinoza on the Imagination«
Schemmel, Christian
»Egalitarianism and the Economic Liberties«
Scherz, Antoinette
»International Legitimacy: Concept and Standards«
Shea, Charles Michael
»Catholic Apologetics in an Age of Revolution. Faith, Reason, and Authority in the Thought of Giovanni Perrone S.J.«
Sleeper, James
»›Civic-republican‹ leadership training in American Colleges«
Song, Jiewuh
»The Justifiability of International Law«
Stark, Cynthia
»Dworkin and Rawls on the Benchmark of Equality«
Ulaş, Luke
»Cosmopolitanism and global solidarity«
Viehoff, Juri
»Background Justice between States: Global Institutional Design to Foster Sovereign Statehood«
Watkins, Eric
»Autonomy and the Legislation of Laws in the Prolegomena«
Yıldırım, Mine
»Modernity Through the Lens of Urban Animals: Multiple logics and dynamics of stray animal confinement, distancing and extermination in the early twentieth century Istanbul«