Astrid Wallrabenstein

Professor of public law with a focus on social law at Goethe University Frankfurt in Frankfurt am Main

Resident at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
2018‒2020 (Goethe Fellow)

Research topic at the Forschungskolleg Humanwissenschaften:
»Migration and Equity in the Social Welfare State«

Project outline:
New or at least recently-perceived currents of migration are currently calling the self-understanding of national social welfare states into question and leading to societal and political changes that are now being interpreted as surprising and unexplainable or unpredictable. This project intends to contribute to the evaluation and explanation on three analytical levels and to tie this to positions and recommendations for the constitution of social welfare states in the modern conditions of migration at least in Europe. First, the project will develop more complex models for the comparison of social welfare states with relation to their handling of immigration. Second, we will generate and discuss ideas for the further development of the European Union into a space for social welfare states. Third, academic reflection on the current implementation of (neo)liberal concepts of equity will be transferred to the concrete national and European debates on immigration and social law reform. (Astrid Wallrabenstein)

Scholarly profile of Astrid Wallrabenstein

Astrid Wallrabenstein received her doctorate from Giessen University in 1999 with a dissertation on citizenship law and completed her Habilitation in 2008 with the work »Versicherung im Sozialstaat« (Insurance in the Social Welfare State). After holding a professorship of public law, education law and social security law at Bielefeld University, she moved to Goethe University Frankfurt, where she has been professor of public law with a focus on social law since 2010. Her research interests focus in particular on German and European structures of health care, pensions and basic social security as well as on immigration law. She has directed the research group ineges (Institut of European Health Policy and Social Law) at Goethe University since 2011 and has been a member of the Social Advisory Council of the German federal government since 2012.

Goethe University webpage:
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Selected publications:
  1. Versicherung im Sozialstaat, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2009.
  2. »Koordinierungssozialrecht - Grundstrukturen und allgemeine Regeln«, in: Monika Schlachter/Hans Michael Heinig (eds.), Europäisches Arbeits- und Sozialrecht (= Enzyklopädie Europarecht, Band 7), Nomos 2016, S. 867-895.
  3. »Wahlrecht und Mobilität«, in: Susanne Baer, Oliver Lepsius, Christoph Schönberger, Christian Waldhoff und Christian Walter (eds.) Jahrbuch des öffentlichen Rechts der Gegenwart Neue Folge vol. 66, Tübingen: Mohr Eibeck 2018.