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Thursday, 27 October 2011
Conference room, Institute building

Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities

Lord Raymond Plant (King’s College London)
»Philosophical Foundations of the Neoliberal State«

Prof. Lord Raymond Plant (King’s College London)

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The workshop analyses some of the theoretical assumptions that underpin the neoliberal understanding of the role of the state. The basis for discussion is Raymond Plant’s recently published book ‘The Neoliberal State’ (Oxford University Press, 2010). Dr. Plant, one of the most influential British political scientists, is currently holder of a professorship in legal and political philosophy at the prestigious King’s College London. Raymond Plant, who, in British academia, is one of the major experts on the political philosophy of German Idealist philosopher G.W.F. Hegel, is also an internationally recognised authority on neoliberal thought in particular and the political movement of the New Right more generally. However, Dr. Plant’s expertise does not only stem from his philosophical pursuits in the Ivory Tower that is academia, but also from his practical engagement with politics as a member of the British Labour Party - often in important and influential positions. In recognition of his political work, Raymond Plant was made a Lord (Lord Plant of Highfield, to be precise) and was appointed to the upper chamber of the British parliament, the House of Lords, where he now represents the Labour Party.

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