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Thursday, 29 September 2011 - Saturday, 01 October 2011
small conference room in the Institute building

Cluster of Exellence »The Formation of Normative Orders«

Günter Frankenberg
»Order from Constitutional Transfer: Problems of Comparative Constitutional Studies«

Prof. Dr. Dr. Günter Frankenberg (Professor of Public Law, Legal Philosophy and Comparative Law at Goethe University)

The workshop is designed to contribute to a comparative analysis of constitutional transfers. Forum no. 1 is meant to clarify - against the background of the Watson/Legrand-controversy - the concept of transfer and to elucidate the possibility/impossibility of constitutional transfer for further empirical studies. Forum No. 2-6 will focus on problematic relations or situations, i.e. historical, cultural, political-social contexts. The idea is to start from a set of initial circumstances and then investigate the process of decontextualisation and recontextualisation (bricolage) of constitutional norms and arguments (doctrines), ideas and institutions as well as structural designs in a host situation.

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